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Using Alexa as the voice of IOT

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The Problem

Two years back we saw a huge a gap in the manufacturing environments where the people at the manufacturing floor were not able to see the performances of the machines in real time and were not able to predict any downtime prior to its happening.

To overcome that problem, we created a solution using IOT Suite where customer can see what is happening in their manufacturing without manually being present their and enabled a voice assistance on top of the solution to provide a better overall experience to the customer so that they don’t have to log in all the time to get the information of the machine.

How It works

Alexa in its default is designed to work with the AWS backend services like AWS Lambda where the voice app is hosted, however what we intend to provide to our customer is a voice experience for the Microsoft IOT solution, so in order to achieve that we created a completely new Azure function and Cosmos DB based Alexa skill. So now our voice assistance application has a front end of Amazon while the processing is on Azure.

The Skill

The skill, which has been built, is for any user who has their data stored in Microsoft’s Azure Cosmos-DB and would like to know the real-time value of any attribute of the same just by uttering some few words to Alexa Echo. Here’s how to get started.

We tested the model and verified that the skill service behaves as expected. Then we tested the skill in the simulator and on an Alexa-Echo.

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