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Current Monitoring     - Petrol Pumps

Oil dispensing units at the petrol pumps require a constant level of current as fluctuation in the current levels can harm the life of the electronic equipment.


   In order to void it petrol pump uses UPS for constant power supply to the equipment’s.


   However, we have seen that in most pumps the UPS is either turned off or is not there in a working condition.


   Auring provides a solution for constant current monitoring of the UPS to check the working of the UPS at the site along with alarms facilities, in case the UPS is turned off or not working for a period of time. 

Ours is a plug and play non-intrusive solution which can deployed in no time and start throwing data right away. 

The Solution have both the facility of being Wi-Fi as well as sim card based. 


- Easy to install solution 

- Easy to use Customisable web UI for setting up alarms and          notification    for consumption

- Certified Hardware available for industrial and normal              environment

- Easy integration with ERP or BI Dashboard

- Secured hardware 

- Highly secured data platform running on Microsoft Azure

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