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OPC UA (short for Open Platform Communications United Architecture) is a data exchange standard for industrial communication (machine-to-machine or PC-to-machine communication). This open interface standard is independent of the manufacturer or system supplier of the application, of the programming language in which the respective software was programmed, and of the operating system on which the application is running.


The biggest difference to previous versions is that machine data can not only be transported, but also semantically described in a machine-readable way. OPC UA provides access to a wide variety of data in both vertical and horizontal directions. The spectrum ranges from OPC UA components directly integrated on the devices and controllers or machines and systems to so-called gateways and aggregating servers.


In order to communicate with an on-premises communications network and a cloud-based communications network there is a need to use standard IOT protocol such as MQTT as all cloud based IOT platforms ingest the data over this protocol.


To send the machine data which is over OPC UA protocol we at Auring created a customised IOT connector which converts OPC-UA to MQTT for customers to utilise the benefit of full-scale cloud based IOT Platforms for their machine data as well as their sensor data.


Auring’s OPC to MQTT connector supports both OPC-DA and OPC-UA protocols for machine connectivity

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