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Empty Factory

IIOT Platform

 IIOT application creates a very high amount of data comparing to a normal application and process this amount of data you need a dedicated platform for processing this kind of data. 

After working with different manufacturing and industrial organisation we figured out what are the key things which were missing in the current available IIOT Platform’s and how we can solve that problem. 

We designed our platform dedicatedly based on the needs of an industrial application with the right kind of security for industrial data.

Key capabilities of the platform.

- Open source based with regular patch updates to keep it up to date. 

- Processes data coming in high velocity without compromising on the          security.

- Data base with high read and write operation.

- Machine learning integration for data training. 

- Containerised environment for easily moving from one platform to            other.   

- Easy to customise Bi Dashboard. 

- Run it on any cloud or on premise. 

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