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Coolant Level & Motor Temperature Monitoring

The coolant liquid level of a CNC machine which was previously measured by a visual indicator present on the machine the machine sometimes generated error of coolant level low which resulted in production halt as the worker needs to fill the coolant of the CNC machine as there was no way to capture the data digitally. 

   Also the induction motors present on the machine are not captured by the controllers of the machine hence any failure of such motor will not be monitored even if the machine was connected via real time IIOT monitoring system hence external sensors are required to monitor the motor’s temperature and predict its failure along with analysis of internal parameters of other components of the machine.


   By using Auring’s IOT platform and wireless digital coolant level sensor and motor temperature monitoring kit the customer was able to monitor the coolant level in the CNC machine’s in real time along with prediction of induction motor failure which resulted in decrease of downtime occurring due to the failure of the motor or coolant level being low during production.

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