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Empty Factory

Edge Platform

Edge computing as we know is the next play in the technology and have already started to create huge impact in different industries 

Edge Computing in simple terms is defined by processing and analysing the data right at the site of action or data generation, for a quicker or near real time response, this helps in breaking the barrier of latency which earlier didn’t allow implementation of technical solution in Industrial and           

Our efforts at auring have always been about making OT more connected to the IT for higher efficiency at the Industrial sites be it Shop floor, Retail Outlet, oil Refinery site etc. 

Our product work on three principals – Capture it, analyse it, Visualise it. 

Capture – Accepting data coming from different platform and different protocols 

Analyse - Run your ML Models right on the edge for hot data analytics 

Visualise- Project the data through amazing BI Dashboards right at the site for real time operational insights. 

PLC and CNC data Capturing (Serial, ethernet etc). 

- Data capturing from multiple protocols (Fanuc, OPC UA, TCP/IP etc). 

- NLP on edge.

- Train on Cloud and run Machine learning models on edge. 

- Save one week of data of historical data on the edge. 

- Direct connectivity with Azure, Aws and Google Cloud.

- BI Dashboard for real time operational insights.

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