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Dairy Product Monitoring

Dairy products are one of the fast-moving articles in grocery stores and keep them in fresh cycles is very important and brands always face challenge in managing the supply chain in order to provide their customers the fresh items 

Also, it is important for brands to see if the retail stores are keeping those products in the right environment (temperature, humidity) to maintain the freshness.

Auring provides a real time solution to keep track of the products in the refrigerator and brands get a real time data of those refrigerators to keep track of their products environment

The solution works on the GSM data and have no requirement of a Wi-Fi availability  in the store. 

Easy to install solution 

- Wireless sensor for capturing data from remote areas 

- Easy to use Customisable web UI for setting up alarms and notification    for consumption

- Certified Hardware available for industrial and normal environment

- Easy integration with ERP or BI Dashboard

- Secured hardware 

- Highly secured data platform running on Microsoft Azure 

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