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Boiler Insulation Monitoring

 Boilers are used in power plants in order to produce high pressured steam, for the plant to generate electricity. The boiler takes in energy from fuel such as coal and natural gas to heat water into steam. A high-level view of the process is provided below. 

   Use Case : Burning of coal to produce steam from water is a very important part of the cycle. The boiler efficiency is determined by the amount of coal burnt to produce “totalized steam flow”. While, there are many variables impacting the overall boiler efficiency, we are here considering heat losses due to the degradation of insulation material and optimizing the time period for replacement of the insulation material.

Based on SME inputs if determination of the exact degradation of the Insulation material and the heat loss is challenging and hence there would be value in developing a scientific approach to predicting an insulation degradation curve to plan replacement of insulation material in an optimal manner.

   Solution : Wireless industrial temperature sensors are placed on strategic locations on the boiler insulation and the temperature is monitored in real time on hourly bases. The sensors transmitted the real time temperature readings to a central wireless sensor gateway which transported this telemetry over ethernet network in JSON format over MQTT protocol to Auring’s IIOT platform.

   The customer was able to monitor the health of insulation in real time and prevented heat loss by changing the insulation of only the selected location which causes a higher degree of heat losses and thereby increased the boiler efficiency.

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